Sketch Brushes

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Procreate & Photoshop brushes.
16bit Hi-res textures & nibs, multi-purpose brushes and blenders.

This product will be updated regularly with new variations, textures & tool sets. 

Brushes are designed to match as closely as possible between Photoshop and Procreate to ensure a seamless experience when creating on the go or in a studio.


  • Pencil : Fine Rough
  • Pencil : Fine Smooth
  • Pencil : 2B Rough
  • Pencil : 2B Smooth
  • Pencil : Rough Work Pencil
  • Pencil : 4B Shader
  • Pencil : 6B Shader
  • Pencil : 8B Shader
  • Crosshatch : Pencil Light
  • Crosshatch : Pencil Heavy


  • Charcoal brushes
  • Finger smudge blender
  • Watercolor pencils
  • More Crosshatching

All of our brushes are handmade, textures and stamps are created with real media and photographed in a studio with a High-End DSLR. Every step is taken to ensure the brush emulates the real thing.

We welcome feedback, if you would like to see something specific.

We are looking at expanding the brushes to other software platforms, as soon as we receive enough requests.

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Sketch Brushes

0 ratings
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